Maufroy’s writing has emerged from her passionate desire to share her experience of Sufism. She has done so in the typical way of the Sufi tradition, that is, through the telling of stories.

On The Other Side of Love Muriel MaufroyMuriel’s forthcoming book On the Other Side of Love (O-Books, March 2016. ISBN 978-1-78535-281-2) is a semi-fictionalised memoir. It recounts the story of Marie who, through her love of adventure and her spiritual search, emerges strengthened and freer from a crushing life crisis.

“From a brutally honest and vividly-told beginning to a peaceful and accepting resolution, this story reveals the spiritual journey of French journalist Marie. It also recounts her travels to Israel, California, Malta and Turkey in search of her spiritual teacher Rumi. A book I found difficult to put down”. — Helen Hill Chester, poet

The Garden of HafezThe Garden of Hafez (NAP, 2012) is based on Maufroy’s knowledge and love of Iranian culture and on her own involvement in Sufism. The story takes place in Shiraz, Iran, at the time preceding the fall of the Shah; it recounts the bewildering experiences of David, an English history professor, who finds himself exposed to what he only sees at first as the maddening irrationality of the East. Like Maufroy’s previous works, this book offers a glimpse of the Sufi world with, in this case, a contemporary flavour.

“The Garden of Hafez is a beautiful and unique story. It is remarkably affecting, evoking the quiet mystery of the Sufi tradition as well as the chaotic and confused emotions of revolutionary times. It shows another world beyond Western stereotypes. I warmly recommend it.” – Alan  Williams, Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Religion, University of Manchester

The Garden of Hafez is available as an ebook through amazon.

Rum’s Daughter Muriel MaufroyRumi’s Daughter (Rider, an imprint of Random House, 2004) is an acclaimed novel translated into nine languages. It was born out of a short story originally published in 1998 by the magazine SUFI. The story is based on true facts: that Jalaluddin Rumi the 13th century Persian poet and mystic, took a young girl, Kimya, into his household, that she married his friend and teacher Shams of Tabriz, and that she died at an early age. From the gossips of the time, it was her despair at the way she was treated that caused her death. The book, however, offers a very different view. Based on what is known of Rumi’s life, it describes the spiritual awakening of a young girl becoming a woman, and her sharing of the lives of two great beings. At the same time, it presents a Sufi perspective on human life with its ups and downs.

Rumi’s Daughter has sold over 13.000 copies in English and is available both as a printed book and an ebook through amazon.

International editions of Rumi's Daughter
International editions of Rumi’s Daughter

“I am in awe of the way on which you have woven the theme of Christian-Muslim harmony and coexistence in page after page of Rumi’s Daughter.  Several passages referring to Maulana’s mystical insights and powers gave me goosebumps.” Ed Husain, author of The Islamist


“This book totally saved me! When going through a hard time and things seem to fall apart, I just flick through it and no doubt, there is something here that seems it was written just for me. Maybe it reminds me of something I’ve always known within but needed to hear again.” — Michelle (in Dubai)

Breathing Truth Muriel MaufroyBreathing Truth (Sanyar Press, 1997) is a collection of nearly 300 quotations by Jalaluddin Rumi. These quotations are like bright signposts on the Sufi path. They present the reader with a map in which the whole journey is made clearer. It is indeed a beautiful guide to the ‘unseen’ world of the Sufis. Breathing Truth was until recently out of print, however a 2013 edition is available with a new introduction by Muriel Maufroy. The book can be bought directly from the author for £15 + p&p. Contact muriel.c.maufroy(at)gmail.com

“If your knowledge of fire only comes from words, ask to be cooked; do not dwell in the certainty acquired through others. There is no real certainty before burning. You want this certainty? Then enter fire.” — Masnavi, Book II, verses 860-861

Muriel has translated The Way of Hinduism by Stephen Cross into French, a book that provides the historical background as well as the philosophical and religious ideas on which Hinduism is based.